Prevent Back Pain – 10 Top Tips

Thousands and perhaps millions of people go see a doctor to heal their back pain. According to a scientific survey, back pain is the second most frequent reason people will see a doctor due to agonizing pain. There are also various treatments and remedies to heal back pain. However, I still vehemently believe that prevention is better than a cure. There may be various unexpected accidents and situations that cause back pain, but there are also tips on how to relieve back pain so that these unexpected events have little possibility to occur.

There are many categories of back pain such as arthritic pain, neck pain, upper back pain and lower back pain. The paragraphs below will list all the top ten tips that are believed to be very effective in preventing back pain if practiced regularly in our daily life.

1. The first and perhaps the most vital tip for relieving and preventing back pain is to have a healthy lifestyle. It means that you have to consume a nutritious and balanced diet for your growth so that you fall in the recommended body weight range for a certain height.

2. Secondly, it is always important to do exercises regularly before or after your stressful work. Swimming is the most recommended activity for preventing back pain.

3. The third one is that you should never stay for too long in your bed for a rest. You should sometimes stand up or walk around.

4. The fourth one is that you should stretch well before and after you do your workout at the gym or any other physical activities like swimming.

5. The fifth of the tips is to have a proper posture whenever you are standing, walking, sitting or even sleeping.

6. The sixth one can be rather difficult for women; to wear comfortable low heeled shoes.

7. Seventh, it is advisable for you to sleep on a comfortable mattress that has medium firmness. It is better to have firmer mattress than a soft one because it will prevent the body, especially the spine, from curving and becomes strained.

8. The eighth of the ten tips is to lift things properly with your knees. You should keep the object close to the body and you should not twist your waist or body while lifting loads.

9. The second last tip is to refrain yourself from smoking. Smoking can cause poor blood circulation and limit the blood flow due to nicotine and carbon monoxide the cigarette contains. Poor blood transport will cause problems for muscles and joints.

10. Lastly, it is important to make sure that your work place is ergonomically correct.

There may be other tips on how to prevent and relieve back pain, but I believe that these tips are adequate enough to achieve a healthy body without any back pain.

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